lördag 30 maj 2009

The Storm

Byron Bay, Australia.
Thursday morning the 21 of May our street started to fill up, the wind came from the south with full storm force. The rain was intense all day and all the beaches was closed, chances to score ridable waves wasn't going happen. Wategos beach was sealed off and just a massive white water pool.So much water moving washed the whole Belongil beach out to sea. The wreck. Tallow beach mid day, the ocean was eating so much sand that trees was washed out to sea. The surf report said 15 ft+ swell on the south facing beaches.By night our whole street was flooded. A flooded letterbox bar by night, Daniel trying to escape the cold water. Friday morning after the storm had passed and the sun was shining again.
Dryden street.The ocean was brown after all the rain water, Belongil beach had a massive 8ft+ swell, no surf today either.

All the beaches in the area has completely been washed out to sea.

Today over a week after the storm the water is long gone but so the sand.
It rained more than 100 mm that that Thursday, by night our street was flooded up to the door step. This reminds us that we are not in charge, we have nothing to say when nature play.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

OMG, ser inte ut som nar jag var dar! Da var det fint vader med sol! Sebbe

tusse! sa...

Vilken kraft, tur att det inte steg in i huset. Här är det nu sol och 27 grader om dagarna,och ljust till klockan 23 och det ljusnar nästan direkt.. det är underbart! Ska nu äta lax hos pappa, han fick en på 5 kilo ..Hälsar han. Puss!

Timothy Bromwich sa...

I had to ride my bicycle back to Sunrise on this morning. It must have looked a site as I was wearing a pin-stripe suit and the water was above my crank!